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Many franchise owners are feeling the online marketing pressure from SERVPRO HQ. KPM for franchise websites must achieve a level 4 website to qualify for certain corporate programs. If your franchise is like most across the country, you have your hands full managing your franchise business, managing your production and managing your marketing reps who have their own KPM and metrics to achieve.

OMO Marketing is a full service marketing agency with more than two decades of online digital marketing experience.  We help service businesses create content-rich email campaigns that provide your franchise with the most important component of any companies marketing strategy, your online presence.  We are an email marketing firm that takes charge of all your  online and email marketing activities which enables you to focus on executing your business strategy, thus bringing you closer to your company goals.


Service industry professionals reinforce front of mind presence with their prospects  by methodically calling on them through monthly visits.  We help you create meaningful relevant content using comprehensive email workflows. This keeps your contact base informed of your services while providing valuable resources and an additional touch-point in the digital realm.

Comprehensive Email Campaign Design


DISCOVERY: Brand research and competitive analysis.

STRATEGY: Develop effective email marketing campaign strategies and a comprehensive 90-day plan.

CREATION: Email creation through creative relevant copy and design as well as audience segmentation, workflow creation, system communications and quality assurance.

PERFORMANCE: Data analysis and campaign performance analysis, testing and optimization. What is working, what is interesting your recipients.

Emergency READY Profile Campaign Example –

ERP’s are an important and valuable tool for franchisors to utilize with their COI’s. Many franchises are including an ERP section or module in every email campaign. With track able links you can determine behind each call-to-action you can visualize which recipients clicked on an action button but did not convert (fill out a form, enter a contest, etc). at that point the Workflow created in the campaign will automatically send out another email directly to each recipient (drip marketing) stating “I see you had interest in the SERVPRO ERP Program, would you like to receive further information about the app? Click here to request a .pdf about the plan?

Our Process is Proven 
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Don't be satisfied sending out a token monthly newsletter, Let OMO Marketing truly awaken your digital presence with our great service offerings at your franchise today!

Digital Marketing

We create interesting, current content for your prospect and client base increasing your online front of mind presence. We understand your corporate branding requirements and we will ensure all your franchise branded media is 100% correct and looking stellar! 

OOH (Out-of-home) Advertising

OOH can be targeted by market, neighborhood, and demographic, allowing brands to pinpoint accurately who they need to reach, and then reach them consistently.  An effective OOH campaign can reach 98% of your target audience every week.

Comprehensive Email Campaign Design

We work with franchise owners to build a basic template for each franchise. Then we build a campaign around specific content or events which are created with custom workflows which trigger s follow on email based on a readers action.

Comprehensive Workflow Automation Development

Most franchises may send out a monthly "newsletter" which many recipients don't even open. We work with your team building interesting content related to your industry, your communities an relevant event around your franchise area.

Let's Work Together

We are helping other franchise owners to increase and optimize their online digital presence, create new, out of the box advertising ideas that really grab that front of mind presence all owner are looking to instill in their client base and new customers!