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If your franchise is like most across the country, your Marketing Reps are wasting countless hours every day just re-arranging their route stops.

This wastes valuable time removing stops that are too far apart that results in extra drive time and in-efficiency of their daily tasks.




The WorkCenter Marketing Route Planning application over time becomes less and less effective. How?  Turnover among Marketing Reps over time is the apparent cause.

OMO Marketing helps franchise owners straighten out the route mess with our proven method developed exclusively for Servpro franchise owners.

WorkCenter Case Study

Servpro Brickell / Wynwood  Miami FL


PROBLEM: Newly hired Servpro Marketing Manager (SMM) observes the three SMR’s under his charge arrive every morning log into WorkCenter Marketing and spend an hour unraveling the routes stops for that day into something manageable. This goes on for two weeks until he starts to look for a solution.

EXISTING ROUTE EXAMPLE: The image on the right is an actual route in WorkCenter (Gables Route 2) which contains 17 route stops. Several pins do not show as they are so far away from the pins shown. This is a typical example of what each SMR experiences each day upon logging in prior to finding a solution.


  • SMR salary $39K per year.
  • Time spent unraveling each days route, one hour.
  • $19.00 / hour multiplied by 5 hours wasted each week, $95.00.
  • Multiplied by 50 weeks per year equals $4,750.00.
  • Multiplied by 3 SMR’s costing the owner $14,250 per year.

This example also does not include the wasted “drive time” for each SMR on a non-optimized route they created themselves. Would it be a safe assumption that another hour per day was being wasted?

The impact on the franchise owner; shelling out almost $30K in wasted salaries due to the inefficiency of the route planning tool WorkCenter Marketing.

WorkCenter Case Study

Servpro Brickell / Wynwood  Miami FL 

SOLUTION: OMO Marketing created a solution to “clean up” the routes in WorkCenter Marketing for each territory in the two franchises. Servpro of Brickell has two territories and Servpro of Wynwood has one territory. OMO Marketing developed a solution to clean up, de-duplicate and optimize all the routes for each Marketing Rep. 


  • EXPORT WorkCenter Businesses and Contacts to .csv file.
  • Scrub and de-duplicate the Business and Contact data.
  • Import Business and Contacts into GIS mapping software.
  • Create new routes in mapping software. The Blue Boundary identified as CG R5 is now the cleaned up Gables Route 2 in the image example shown above.
  • Export the newly cleaned up routes from the mapping program.
  • Re-load the cleaned up routes back into WorkCenter Marketing.


WorkCenter Case Study

Servpro Brickell / Wynwood  Miami FL 


  • The Blue Boundary identified as CG R5 is now the cleaned up Gables Route 2 as shown above. (note: there are less routes stop due to a management decision to eliminate (inactivate) certain businesses discovered during the WorkCenter Marketing export, de-duplicate and review process)
  • This results in each SMR having additional time to truly prospect in a narrowly defined route area to uncover additional prospects. 
  • As shown in the image, the Gables Route 2 is now completely optimized and all the route stops are concentrated in a tight geographical area. In metropolitan area routes as shown here, the SMR drives to a central location, parks the car and walks the route on foot.

This process cleans up and optimizes each route for the SMR’s at this franchises saving them hours a week re-routing each days routes.

Now the SMR’s arrive, log into WorkCenter Marketing and are out the door within 10 minutes saving the franchise owner tens of thousands in salary. This results in each SMR’s efficiency improving by providing your Marketing Rep’s more time to uncover new prospects due to a total cleanup of their routes in Workcenter!

Our Process is Proven 
and Repeatable for You.

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